Lori Carr

Director, Customer Experience

Customer loyalty is everything

Lori brings long-standing depth and breadth of customer experience to the RevGen team, specializing in leadership and innovation for CX strategy and creating customer-centric cultures. Her expertise helps companies leverage customer organizations to enhance brand trust and grow revenues by improving customer retention, expansion and customer lifetime value.

Prior to operating her own CX consulting firm for over a decade, where she worked with clients across industries from aerospace to financial services and technology,  Lori spent 15 years in functional leadership roles in similar industries. She also served as the first Customer Experience Officer for a private aviation firm.

When not pursing her love of outdoor adventure travel, Lori enjoys spending time with her son and family. She is passionate about helping to keep animals safe and adopted through fundraising for and supporting local animal shelters.

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Lori's Insights

Customer Experience

Customer Experience Analytics: 5 Steps to CX Value and ROI

By taking a holistic view of customer data, pinpointing areas of opportunity, and making specific, targeted recommendations, it's easy to prove the ROI of customer experience analytics.

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Customer Experience

Customer Experience Analytics: Novel Insights for the Modern Customer

What is CX Analytics? How can it revolutionize your revenue growth strategy and improve customer loyalty?

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Customer Experience

Goodbye Isn’t Forever, Part II: How to Design a Compelling Customer Re-engagement Program

Designing a re-engagement program for lapsed or lost customers is a key way to grow revenue

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Customer Experience

Goodbye Isn’t Forever: Building Effective Customer Re-engagement Programs

Creating a customer re-engagement program isn't easy, but it is critical

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