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Customer and Product Profitability

  • Do you know what your most and least profitable products/services are?
  • Can you define your most valuable customers?
  • Are you marketing the right products to the right customers through the right channels?
  • Do you have an actionable plan to improve customer/product profitability?

RevGen Partners enables you to manage risk and make essential business decisions about sales, marketing, product development and customer support by translating data into actionable insights. RevGen will work with you to identify and implement appropriate margin management strategies to streamline processes, deliver revenue growth and/or reduce costs.

What We Do

  • Deploy predictive analytics to identify attributes of your most profitable customers and products
  • Design, develop and implement tools and processes to make informed business decisions
  • Identify and resolve discrepancies across multiple systems
  • Plan and implement revenue assurance processes and tools

Client Results

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Not all products or customers are equal. Defining profitability at a customer and product level allows businesses to make decisions that will maximize overall company profitability. Assessing customers or products based only on the revenue they generate, or applying cost efficiency measures across all customers and products universally, will lead you to overvalue your worst performing customers and products and underserve those that are most valuable.

Robert Sunker, Vice President

RevGen Partners