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A culture centered on student achievement begins with information. RevGen Partners enables achievement of educational objectives, including increased graduation rates and improved assessment scores.

Our work focuses on improving student performance and supporting educator effectiveness with comprehensive tools to track success, evaluate performance, and pinpoint areas of opportunity for improvement.

Educator Effectiveness

We draw from multiple measures to provide a 360o view of a teacher’s performance. Our solutions provide a standardized scale for measuring teachers against defined goals; track milestones over time; include rollups at the school, region and district levels; and can be customized to meet specific measures and outcomes.

School Performance Management

We offer a complete picture of a school’s achievement by tracking key metrics and organizational trends, drilling down to the school and student level to identify successes and opportunities for improvement. At the heart of our management system lies dynamic scoring capabilities for multiple configurable and reliable performance measures.

Student Information Systems

We provide new insights to advance student achievement through the customization and optimization of student information systems. This includes integrating related systems, improving workflow, streamlining processes, providing flexible reporting, and implementing new tools into the current student data environment.

Standards Implementation

We offer management and execution expertise in shifting to new state and federal standards. We provide clarity and structure to the complex work of aligning curricular resources, assessments, professional development, and educational technology with the needs of schools and their capacity for change.


We design and implement portals for audience-appropriate visibility into key information on student, teacher, school, district, and program performance. Our portal implementations support organizational demands by defining, integrating, and managing the right data in the right place to support critical decisions.

Education Data Warehousing

We harness the power of data to advance student achievement through a single source of truth and reliable views of student performance. We implement data governance to ensure consistency and reliability and information stores to provide standardized performance data from applications across the enterprise.

Education Data Visualizations

We provide meaning to education data through visualization and tools for exploration. We understand the diversity of education data and enable technical, school, and district staff to quickly and efficiently draw actionable insights about the organization.

Data Submissions

We simplify the process of distributing validated data for federal, state, and grantor reporting. Our submission process includes implementing configurable cleansing rules and automating data collection.

Excutive Team

"Education has evolved. Enabling all students to be college and career ready today requires a deep understanding of each student’s strengths and areas of growth aligned with targeted supports delivered in a way that is meaningful to them. Broad organization-wide supports won’t push the needle to greater student growth. To get there education organizations must be committed to not only collecting the data, but backing up the intelligence they gain from that data by investing in programs, team members, and processes that direct supports to the aid of each student."

Kirk Mielenz
RevGen Partners
Education Industry Practice