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Michael Turner

Michael Turner

How to Make Giving Back Part of Your Company Culture

A small group of executives founded RevGen Partners in 2008. We now employ more than 100 people. Since our earliest days, we have focused on giving back to the communities where we work and live.

For many growing companies, it can be a challenge to build a culture of philanthropy with the time and energy needed to develop new business and manage daily operations.

We made giving back part of our culture by making in a core part of our business and empowering team members to get involved. During this season of giving, I want to share how we make philanthropy a focus at RevGen Partners and encourage other growing companies to do the same.

Early Commitment
As our business grew, the executive team wanted to involve all employees in our community-focused efforts. We are a small company, and we wanted to make sure our community investments of time, knowledge and money would have the greatest impact. We decided to poll our employees to identify causes that people felt passionate about. The result of that polling led us to focus on causes that target disadvantaged youth and women. Based on the team’s passions, we chose three community partners: Colorado UpLift, Denver Public Schools Foundation and Women’s Bean Project. In 2014, we added a fourth community partner, Project C.U.R.E.

Grassroots Support

A grassroots, employee-led team within RevGen Partners volunteered to lead our non-profit support efforts in 2014. The RevGen Partners Advocacy Team provides support to non-profits beyond our community partners on a twice-yearly basis. As part of that effort, Advocacy Team members solicit all employees to submit their favorite non-profits. We support an average of eight non-profits per year in addition to our community partners.

• The pro-bono technology consulting and support we offer our non-profit partners is treated as part of our resource planning and is staffed no differently than a corporate client project. We match our most qualified consultants to fit the non-profit partners’ needs.

• Many of our employees participate in community events. Team members volunteer regularly and build relationships with colleagues by volunteering together.

• RevGen Partners also hosts a client golf tournament every year and we ask our clients, colleagues and friends of the firm to support a featured non-profit.


RevGen Partners Team Member Rachel Ibarra and her husband, David,

Delivered Project C.U.R.E. Care Kits to a Clinic in Guatamala

2015 Impact

We provide financial support, pro-bono technology and consulting hours, as well as volunteer time to our community partners. We are proud to share that we donated $140,000 in financial support and pro-bono business and technology consulting services in 2015.

It’s an honor to reach beyond ourselves to partner with our clients and non-profit organizations to make a positive, long-term impact, particularly among disadvantaged youth and women. 


Michael Turner is President and CEO of RevGen Partners, the premier partner for business and technology solutions that drives profitability for the clients it serves. He ensures the firm stays true to its founding vision to share knowledge, build trust and deliver measureable results.



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